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    [applies entire tube of chap stick onto chapped lips] much better

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    we’ve all seen penises we weren’t supposed to see

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  4. jakemalik:

    the amount of pictures I would take if I had a hot body is unimaginable 

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  5. underratxd:

    Relationship Status: Nah

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    plot twist: santa actually brings you the naked celebrity you asked for and you have to awkwardly unwrap them in front of your entire family

     #worth it

    Totally worth it.

    I would just be smug as I unwrapped my person and then cling to said person’s middle and yell “Mine” and glare at my cousins.

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  8. joshpeckofficial:

    i mean i would eat healthy food but do you remember that one time that adam and eve ate an apple in the garden of eden and doomed all of humanity so idk better not risk it

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  9. he-thinks-its-not-kosher:

me ft pj harvey 


    me ft pj harvey 

  10. uneicorn:

    i have this problem where when tumblr gets boring i open a new tab of tumblr

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